Book Review: Fearless Teaching, by Stuart Grauer

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A inspiring educational approach propounded by telling stories rather than theorising.

Stuart Grauer

Too tough to teach

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Channel 5: James McAsh

Review: Other Education

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Other Education: The Journal of Education Alternatives, is a new, on-line academic magazine edited from the University of Stirling.

James Bar Bowen


Book review: After Summerhill: What happened to the pupils of Britain’s most radical school?

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Book cover: After Summerhill


This book consists of fifteen articles compiled some years ago from interviews with former pupils of Summerhill.


Book review: Too much too soon

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Too much too soon book cover

Too Much, too soon: Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood

An OpenEYE publication edited by Richard House

Jamie’s Dream School

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What happened when twenty disaffected young people were given specialist teaching by experts.

Book review: Turning Points

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Turning Points


Turning Points

Edited by Jerry Mintz and Carlo Ricci

Thirty-five visionaries in education tell their own stories.


Book review: Children don’t start Wars

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Children don't start wars book cover
David Gribble

Children have moral perceptions which atrophy with age. 

Review by Richard Seebohm

Book review: Toxic Schooling

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Toxic Schooling book coverClive Harber

'Schooling not only reproduces society fundamentally as it is, but also ...'



Book review: The Dragonfly Pool

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The Dragonfly Pool book cover
Eva Ibbotson

Tally, who is eleven, is sent to a progressive boarding-school away from London in 1939.

The Primary Review: Emerging Perspectives on Childhood

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Robin Alexander's lecture at the conference on Childhood, Wellbeing and Primary Education organised by the General Teaching Council for England.


DVDs review

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Lindsey Martin explains her work at Room 13
A review of five DVDs about democratic initiatives in different countries.


Book review: Beyond learning: democratic education for a human future

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Book cover Beyond Learning


Gert J. J. Biesta

A philosophical argument for a type of education which has long relied only on personal feeling and practical experience.


Book review: Shattered Lives

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Shattered Lives Book Cover


Camila Batmanghelidjh


These are the lives of the London children who the rest of us prefer to despise, evict, punish or ignore.


Book review: Summerhill and A.S.Neill

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Book Cover: Summerhill and A.S.Neill

Edited by Mark Vaughan with contributions by Zoë Neill Readhead, Tim Brighouse and Ian Stronach

Book review: Inspiring Schools: Taking up the Challenge of Pupil Participation

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Professor Lynn Davies, Dr Christopher Williams and Hiromi Yamashita with Ko Man-Hing

Book review: A Dorset Utopia: The Little Commonwealth and Homer Lane

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A Dorset Utopia Book Cover
Judith Stinton

We probably all know a little about the Little Commonwealth (1913 - 1918). This book fills in some of the gaps.



Book review: The School I'd Like

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The School I'd Like Book cover
The School I'd Like

Catherine Burke and Ian Grosvenor

The Guardian newspaper asked the questions, and children answered them.


Book review: Revolution Within

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Revolution within

Sammy Kunina 

Book review: Let our Children Learn

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Let Our Children Learn Book Cover


Tony Brown, Michael Foot and Peter Holt

What happened when three retired teachers spent two days in a modern primary school.



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