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StudentVoice has been running for some years as ESSA, the English Secondary Students’ Association. It has changed its name but not its message. Just after the last Lib Ed posting we received the following press release.

Student Voice logoMay 2012

We are delighted to announce that StudentVoice has been awarded substantial funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to implement a national training project. The project focuses on speaking and listening skills in Secondary Schools as a tool for improving student voice.

The project will involve the development of bespoke training packages as well as an online audit tool which will be used throughout the project and then made available via our website. We’re excited to roll out peer training across the country, working with a variety of schools including special schools.

While we’ve been getting ready for the re-launch we’ve been working hard to continue to represent student voice on a regional, national and international level. For example, we have supported young people in giving their views on the BBC Politics Show, at a number of other events and as keynote speakers at a number of Westminster Educational Forums. We have also continued our work on training in schools, using our new ‘personalised’ training packs, adapted to fit each school and its individual requirements.

We have been approached by the Times Education Festival organisers to play a key role in involving young people in this year’s event. The Festival will also give StudentVoice the opportunity to promote membership and really get our name out to students and education professionals.

We are delighted that Baroness Walmsley has decided to become a patron of StudentVoice. Baroness Walmsley is a strong advocate of children’s rights. She is an honorary fellow of UNICEF, Parliamentary Ambassador for Save the Children and the NSPCC and a patron of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England.

We have a fantastic new website supported by new social networks, which will be a hub of multimedia, student views, ideas and campaigns. This follows a complete re-brand – we have worked with some fantastic designers to make sure our brand is current, adaptable and attractive to young people from all backgrounds.

Any young person in any school can sign up to StudentVoice – it’s quick, easy and free at Please spread the word and make sure any young people you work with know that we’re up and running and keen for them to be involved.

We are currently working with a steering group of young people to help guide us through the development of the organisation during this re-launch stage. Once we have bolstered our membership numbers, we hope to return to our previous model of having an elected national council of students. This offers an exciting opportunity for any young people you might work with – to develop skills, improve their CVs and really contribute to promoting the voice of young people. You can find out more here:

The StudentVoice Team
phone: 0208 150 3432
mobile: 0789 686 0718
address: Third Floor, Cityside House, 40 Adler Street, London, E1 1EE
twitter: @StudentVoiceUK


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