Two new online journals are being launched this year.


Other Education

Other Education is being launched from the University of Stirling. Its purpose is to raise the profile of alternative systems of education, linking philosophy with practice.

The inaugural issue will be online in September 2012 and following that there will be an issue in January and July of each year.

The editors are aware that issues of this kind can be and often are written about in a way that challenges standard academic formats and that is ok.

Anyone who would like to submit a paper should visit . is a new web magazine from London, Aviles, Spain and Oakland,California, created after a re-examination of activist movements, situationism and publications such as Adbusters.

The editors want to be artistic/highly visual/intelligent/ folksy/professional/amateurish/punk/reasonable/outrageous/ friendly/troubling.

“Democratic education has been around for decades and it’s been a bit too polite for far too long. What’s at stake demands a wider type of response.”

With articles from many experienced democratic education professionals, invites you to subscribe for 4 free issues. Launches February 2012.


The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative learning

On hearing news of these new sites, Carlo Ricci emailed the following from the USA:

‘The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning also has a similar focus. I edit and founded the journal and it has been around since 2007. We are currently on issue 12. I edit and founded the journal and it has been around since 2007. We are currently on issue 12.’

Current articles are Draw the dots, let the students make the connections, by Jesse Fortier, A Narrative: Meditation In The Lives Of Children With Chronic Illness, by Taunya Wideman-Johnston, Learning Math with my Father: a Memoir by Yolanda De La CRUZ and Jailed by Cameron Culbert.


And of course there is also Education Revolution, the long-established website for AERO, the Alternative Education Resource Organization, which is now running a number of interesting articles as well as a weekly roundup of relevant news at .


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