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I want my kids to
play outside with other neighborhood kids every day . . .

I want them to
create their own games and rules . . .

I want them to
play big, complex games with large groups of kids, and simpler games one-on-one with a best friend . . .

I want them to
decide for themselves what to play, where, and with whom . . .

I want them to
settle their own disputes with their friends . . .

I want them to
create their own private clubs with secret rules . . .


I want them to
make lasting physical artifacts that show the world that this is their place . . .


I want them to
laugh and run and think . . .

 . . . every day.


That's what I had.
It's my standard for a good childhood.
It's my goal for my kids.



Playborhood, by Mike Lanza, is published by the Free Play Press, ISBN 978-0-9849298-1-8


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