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A model of an educational philosophy adapted, with permission, from a diagram by Lynne Smith.

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In Falko Peschel's classes, children really want to learn.

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Why, when bilingualism is so highly valued, are immigrant languages ignored?

Christine Hélot

An account of a school in Alsace where languages are taught in a different way

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Igor Mitschka, aged 14, of Austria's Cool School Association, has organised two children's conferences, open to every school student in the country.

Circus skills

Circus Kaos is not a typical circus – it doesn't have any animals and its artists come under the Youth Protection Act.

Ruth Schleicher

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An open letter from the Executive Director of the Indian organisation, the Concerned for Working Children (CWC)

Damodar Acharya

Edited extracts from the report by P. J. Lolichen of the CWC (The Concerned for Working Children) on their 2005 research into access and mobility.

Adapted from reflections in the report by P. J. Lolichen

Is there a lack of ecological concern among democratic educators?

Eric Nicolas Schneider

Two versions of an article about Brooklyn Free School which give very different impressions

Leonard Turton describes his delightful and important work within a state school in Canada.

Leonard Turton

Learners at Work
Gerard Mathot tells how Seliba Sa Boithuto grew from his own schooling and his early experiences as a teacher and as a trainer of teachers.


Sands artwork

A new teacher at Sands School describes his impressions.

Martin Roberts

Walk Out web site

Shikshantar, an Indian institute for rethinking education, has published a number of comments on the undesirability of relying on certification.

IDEC stands for International Democratic Education Conference. It has been happening for twelve years now, and you ought to know about it.

A translation of the charter of the Freinet movement in France

A brief introduction to the recent founded English Secondary Students' Association.

David Gribble


seliba Sa Boithuto web site image

Seliba Sa Boithuto provides learners with a quiet, comfortable place to learn, materials such as books, pamphlets, computers and videos, and tutors for advice and help. It offers no courses. The tutors do not teach. Instead but they encourage students to learn together when they share an interest and to learn from each other as much as possible.

David Gribble

Summerhill School web site

A former Summerhill houseparent, writes about his impressions of the school.

Matthew Appleton

When Maria, who had been home-educated in Austria and Turkey, was considering a career, she took a placement in a school.

Maria Kopta

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Semco is a business in Brazil where everyone decides what work to do, when to do it and how much to be paid. Now they have started a school.


Have you ever wondered what it is really like at Eton? Some of the privileges are described here.

David Gribble

Room 13 web site image

Room 13 is a pupil-run studio in a primary school in Scotland. It has exhibited at Tate Modern, but it is remarkable for much more than its art.


Bonaventure – an Alternative School in France

Michael Gerard


Extracts from a correspondence that first appeared on the IDEC listserve.

Kratza web site image

(Children's rights fighters)

Krätzä is a group of people in Berlin who are concerned about children's rights, and are working for fundamental changes in society.

Tamariki boys hut

Pat Edwards, of Tamariki School in Christchurch, New Zealand, describes one particular kind of learning outside the classroom.

Pat Edwards

Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School

David Gribble visited the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, Chicago.

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This article is an extract from Jürg Jegge's book Dummheit ist lernbar (Stupidity is learnable).

Jürg Jegge

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