Alex Bloom
Alex Bloom: Introduction and Part 1 Freedom From Michael Fielding

School of thought: The New Education Between the Wars:
a forthcoming film 

Joanna Grudzinksa


Wall Art
We master what we practise. So what do we want to practise?

Trevanion Grenfell

Jacques Rancière
In his book, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, Jacques Rancière sets out the radical theory that is the core of most of his later work.

Stefan Szczelkun

Vision 20 20 logo
Only a small number can imagine a different way to do things.

Richard Fransham

LTA bulletin cover
Downloadable files of the first three LTA bulletins.

line drawing of the school
As an undiagnosed autistic, Maurice Frank suffered severely at school from being classified as gifted and talented. 

IDEC 2013 Logo
Details of the 2013 IDEC and Eudec Conferences.

Human Scale Education logo
Human Scale Education, which has been running since 1985, has had a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Trust. How are they going to use it?

disgruntled person
Some extracts from a blog, describing extraordinary official attitudes.

Jenny Collins


Radical Education Workbook
Lib Ed's range of activity has been declining over the last few years, indicating a need for new blood.

The words "The Fear that Kids won't Learn"
A pupil at a free school confronts parental anxiety.

Krischan Müller

Image of the Drop Inn web site
Local youth was incurring the age-old ire of its despairing elders in a small Derbyshire town.

Bryn Purdy

Student Voice Logo
The Student Voice Team from the Phoenix Education Trust describe their new projects.

The Student Voice Team

Living is Learning
An ex-pupil from a free school in Vienna describes a life of extraordinarily varied learning.

Sirna David

Girl playing outside
Children need to play out of doors, so why not sometimes close your street to cars?

A film by Alice Ferguson and Amy Rose

Eudec 2012
A report on IDEC 2012 in Puerto Rico, and an announcement about EUDEC 2012, to be held in Freiburg at the end of July.

Bryn Purdy
Stories of some of Bryn Purdy’s ex-pupils which demonstrate the success of his approach.

Bryn Purdy

Picture of the Tamariki School Web site
Tamariki is a democratic school funded by the government. This teachers’ guide expresses their philosophy in a way acceptable to bureaucrats.


It is to be expected that education in China today should be centrally controlled and authoritarian. Cireena Simcox has experience to prove it.

CWC web site

A letter announcing that the Indian organisation, Concerned for Working Children, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Annie Quick
Annie Quick is sure that she is not the only person whose memories of citizenship classes are less than inspiring. 

Annie Quick


People say Summerhill methods will only work with children from the wealthy, liberal middle class. Bryn Purdy’s experience proves the opposite.

Two new online journals are being launched this year.


An interesting new school has been started by Russian immigrants in Sinai, Egypt

Katerina Perkhova

Boy getting out of a box

The Government puts teachers and young people into boxes. How can we escape?

Tania Hales-Richardson

Sands School web site

An article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the  2011 IDEC, hosted by Sands School, in Devon. 

Simone Kosog

A Catalogue of Damage web site

A new website, which instead of praising libertarian education, goes into the attack.

David Gribble


A psychotherapist tries rewarding bad behaviour to cure it.

Renee Sadler

Eton boy

Just to keep you up-to-date.

William Hazlitt
Anyone who has passed through the regular graduations of a classical education, and is not made a fool by it ...

William Hazlitt

Land of Treasure web site image

Some reflections after a year of working with education in freedom. Land of Treasure is a free nursery school in Łodz, Poland.

Ola Matyska

Derry Hannam
Recent research into education based on children's rights in state schools in Hampshire, England

Derry Hannam

The Ragged University web site image

The Ragged University is a new and rapidly growing initiative in the UK.

Alex Dunedin

Pédagogie Nomade

Pédagogie Nomade is a democratically run school in Belgium that is under threat.


A song for any child-friendly school condemned by Ofsted

luke Flegg

 A brief account of the work already done by Change the Future, a new attempt to make the voice of young people heard. 

Luke Flegg

Angle-poise lamp
An article originally published in the Sudbury Valley School Journal, revealing surprising similarities between Sudbury Valley and Pixar.

Mark Bell

William Booth School web site image

A description of a visit to William Booth by David Gribble, and a brief summary of the contested report by Ofsted in January 2011.

David Gribble

Dhruba Ghimire and student

Dhruba Ghimire is workiing to improve the lives of Nepali women through education.

Echo Zang

A comment on the case of the teacher who attacked a pupil with a dumbbell

David Gribble


An ex-student from Sands School describes the development of democracy in another school.

Rachel Roberts


This article about the Bulger case was originally published in Issue 12 of The Journal of Personalised Education Now.

Christopher Shute

Turning Points book cover

A sample article from Turning Points, a book published earlier this year in the USA, which is an anthology of responses to four specific questions.

Gustavo Esteva

Derry HannamA letter in support of an application to found a democratic school in Croatia.

Derry Hannam 

A reaction to the article 'Die, Die, Die' and the 'Teachers' Advice' article in the January posting.

James Bar Bowen

Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta is an Indian scientist who has developed fascinating ways of teaching science using only the cheapest materials and household rubbish.


A personal story of recovery after a period of despair as a student in a conventional school.

Rachel Roberts

Coole Schule web site image

An account of the achievements and disappointments of Coole Schule, the Austrian movement for student involvement in school decision-making.

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