Lycée Autogéré web site

The Lycée Autogéré de Paris is a self-governing state school that has been running since 1982.

Heike Freire

Happy student

A new definition of a loosely defined term.

Ian Cunningham

Platform 9 and three-quarters
Harry Potter is defended against the critics who accept The Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials as serious literature.

David Gribble

A selection of startling suggestions from the TES website.

Person making sssh! sound
Is the government review of home education another attempt to control or silence educational diversity?

Derry Hannam

Student meeting
Some entries for the English Secondary Students' Association competition for videos suggesting improvements to schools. 

Woman sneezing

The International Democratic Education Conference planned for Korea met an unexpected problem.

Alice Finbow web site image

The story of a project for helping unemployed young people to learn circus skills.

Alice Finbow

An email discussion between Milan Rai and David Gribble

Image of Eudec web site

A description of the new European Democratic Education Community.

Zsa-Zsa Shea

Siegfried Bernfeld
A response to the extract from Siegfried Bernfeld’s article on the Baumgarten Children’s Home, posted on this site in September 2008.

Robert Hamm

Book cover
Extracts from a book by David Mearns and Brian Thorne on Carl Rogers' approach to counselling, rewritten to illustrate an approach to education.

Image of Edge web site

Edge Learner Forums aim to promote vocational qualifications and bring them up to an equal status with academic learning. In fact they do much more.

Children having a class in the street
An account of a visit to Butterflies, the organisation for street and working children in New Delhi.

Jerry Mintz

Amukta Mahapatra describes Neel Bagh, founded by David Horsburgh in 1972, the inspiration for many prominent Indian educators.

Amukta Mahapatra

Alan was one of the victims of the raising of the school-leaving age in 1972. His experience has contemporary relevance.

Alan Nettleton

An account of what must be the most widespread liberalisation of education anywhere in the world.

Amukta Mahapatra

Image of scrambled text

A new student teacher's unexpected response to the demand for an essay.

Lucy Golston

Positive and negative reactions to the new English Education and Skills Bill

William Booth Nursey web site image

Inspiring extracts from the leaflets published by William Booth Nursery and Infant School in Nottingham

Group of young people

An anonymous poem from the 1990s

Nigel Wright responds to Jenny Auster's article published on this site in May last year, and Jenny Auster replies.

bernfeld-smallThe Kinderheim Baumgarten was an innovative Jewish children's home set up in Vienna after the first world war.

Siegfried Bernfeld.


Eudec web site
Leonard Turton

An address to The first EUDEC (European Democratic Education Conference) which was held at the University of Leipzig in 2008. 

Shikshantar School web site image

The Indian organisation, Shikshantar, runs a campaign against academic qualifications. They have published many relevant stories. 

Mie Shure

Akira Potter has been a pupil at two free schools in Japan, and at Summerhill. He describes his experiences.

Akira Potter

Image of community

A response to Peter Higginson's article

James Bar Bowen

Young girl

An extract from the NGO alternative report on the UK implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Room 13 web site

The speech delivered by Danielle Souness, of Room 13, at the Artworks Conference in the Tate Modern, when she was twelve years old.

Hope Flowers logo

The December Newsletter from Hope Flowers School, in Bethlehem.

An ex-pupil tells of her own experiences at the school and describes the effect it had on her life.

Jenny Auster

Coole Schule web site image

Coole Schule, the Austrian association of school students, gives up on politics.

Luke Flegg

An email correspondence between Luke Flegg, an ex-pupil of Sands School, and Moe Zimmerberg, staff member at the Tutorial School, New Mexico.


Extracts from Tolstoy's writing about his school at Yasnaya Polyana

Boy holding placard

CWC's report of the first public children's meetings in Karnataka

Research into School Councils

Schools Council web site image

Two views of the London Secondary Schools Action Research Project on school councils. 

Netzwek Schule web site image

 An extract from the prospectus of the proposed Netzwerkschule in Berlln

Student Voice web site image

Comments on the NASUWT's position statement in which they justify their anxiety about current development of student voice in British Schools.

obituary notice

This obituary for the great Russian teacher is translated from his school's website.

Risinghill web site image

A new book is planned by ex-students of Michael Duane's celebrated school.

Booroobin web site image

Booroobin, as small Sudbury school in Australia, joins the list of free schools threatened by government action.

Kapriole School web site image

A Free School Meets the Exam System

Kapriole, a free school in Bad Würtemberg, takes its first exams.

A teacher at Bishop's Park College, in Clacton, writes about the inspiration he found there.

Mark Curtis

Young girl

A new experience for someone used to introducing democratic meetings to older groups

Jerry Mintz

The Houses of Parliament

An examination of leadership, personalisation and high performance schooling

Michael Fielding

George Mitchell School web site image

A year-eight pupil at George Mitchell School in Leyton describes some of the innovations there.

Sylvia Lim

U3 A web site image

The University of the Third Age, established to offer further education to the over forty-fives is healthily anti-authoritarian.

Martyn Everett

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